Fix Royale


FIX Weiss is a delightful proposal of a Greek Weiss beer with high quality ingredients, which demonstrates the brewing credentials and real craftsmanship of FIX. As a genuine recipe of a wheat, unfiltered beer, barley malt, wheat malt, hops and yeast are blend together to bring out the full bodied taste of FIX Weiss, with balanced bitterness.

Its content in alcohol is 5.4% and its rich and multidimensional bouquet of aromas is characterized by notes of flowers, banana, malt and cereal. FIX Weiss is available in one way retro FIX 500ml & 330ml bottles and in 20 lt. keg. FIX Weiss is an ideal choice to enjoy either as a perfect combination with dishes of Greek and international cuisine, or as a drink, with its special serving ritual

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When Greece was trying to recover, after its liberation from the Turks (1850), Ioannis Fix came back from Munich to find his father. Ioannis moved to Heraklion (Attica) after his father was shot dead in Magoufana (currently the area of Pefki), to start producing beer as many Bavarian officers had moved to Greece during that period. As a result, Ioannis Fix started making the first beer in our country which was named after its family, FIX.