Geodi jam gezoet met stevia


All of Geodi’s jam are based on traditional Greek village recipes, which however have been enhanced by using advanced technology equipment (see below) in order to maintain the “freshness” and natural nutrients of fresh fruits. Available in four flavours, orange, cherry, strawberry and apricot.


Product Description

GEODI’s processing plant proximity to the harvest area makes possible that only selected fruits at their best are used, so that the final product is full of “freshness” and taste.The production procedure involves careful selection and preparation (cleaning, cutting, peeling, chopping) of fresh fruit and boiling at low temperature using advanced production equipment, so that the advantages of the traditional method are maintained, while preserving most of the nutritional value of fresh fruit.

The jam is then sealed under vacuum in glass jars in order to enclose all its flavours and aromas.¬†Thus a “home type” all natural jam is turned to a commercial full taste delicacy, high in fruit nutrients and fat-free, which may contribute to a balanced diet.