Retsina Ampelicious – Georgiadis Winery


Full bodied, sharp taste that balances between the force and the elegance with aromatic after-taste and discreet hint of resin, mature aromas with hints of vanilla, Savvatiano variety

Pairing with food recommendations: Ideal for the Mediterranean cuisine, it can be paired with everything due to its unique and piquant taste. Ideal temperature: 8ο-10ο C



In the middle of the 1940s Georgiadis Antonios commences his family’s long journey by opening a factory to produce and bottle soft drinks called ALPHA as well as wines and retsina called GEORGIADIS, catering only to the needs of the local market of Thessaloniki. Initially, the traditional barrel retsina was being produced in small quantities and offered only in taverns and restaurants.

In the beginning of 1998, Antonios’ son Georgiadis Giorgos takes charge of the business and along with his sons Antonis and Konstantinos establish the Georgiadis winemaker brand in the wine and retsina production and bottling sector. Over the years, the people got to know and love the original barrel retsina, bottled in the characteristic carafe GOLD RETSINA GEORGIADIS, maintaining its original aroma and pure quality.