Rice Glase


It is a white, transparent and medium sized rice. It is produced in Serres, a territory where rice has been traditionally cultivated for many decades. One of the oldest in its category, it is also ideal for soups, pastries and desserts like the famous ”Rizogalo”.


Product Description

The philosophy of Delicious Crete is based upon their own island and countless food treasures, which they search, and still continue to discover but much more want to share. Having as a priority to spread the Cretan diet worldwide, but also strengthen small local businesses and they present you the best it has to offer. Flavors known unknown, original combinations of flavors. All presented in a unique way that fascinates even the most discerning palate.

Cretan tradition, the quality and the taste of people, through discussions, searches, ferment, creating tasty and aesthetically unique products pioneer, based on old authentic traditional recipes.
Because, just like our language, our cooking, through tradition, is being preserved, mutated, adapted, enriched and evolving …
For this and remains alive. …