Gift frame #3


Beautiful from every side.

A calendar which is also a frame, a frame which is also a cook book or a unique packaging for a collection of herbs or just something nice to remind you of the beautiful moments you spent in Greece. These are the Greek Horizons Frames. They do not have one but many sides. And whichever side you choose to see them from, they are beautiful.

12 spices, Greek Cookbook

Dressed up as gifts, they all come together to create little stories and be the perfect present for family and friends. Also suitable for corporate gift.




Greek Horizons which is based in Rethymno, Crete, is a rapidly growing company specializing in the selection, packaging and distribution of fine Greek products. Our rule is simple: our guests will have what we have, nothing less and nothing more.

To achieve this, we work exclusively with small producers. The reason is that the experience, passion and craftsmanship that small traditional units demonstrate results in products of incomparable quality in relation to large industries. small traditional units can make products of unparalleled quality as compared to large industries. This is not a moral choice, but a clear positioning that brings the quality up front, a nuclear and non-negotiable element of Greek Horizons.

Authenticity. Quality. Proximity. Modern face. These are the foundations on which this company was built and the principles on which we operate from the very beginning.