Honey with Cinnamon sticks


Pure wildforest honey with cinnamon sticks.

For the lovers of cinnamon. Simply delicious.

  • Weight 250 grams

  • 100% natural product without preservatives



Stayia Farm  is a small family bio farm on Evia island that was founded in 2012 but is keeping a huge tradition that is passing from generation to generation since the early 50’s.The heart of Stayia are experienced beekeepers that are constantly working with nature and the bees that allows them to gather unique honeys, with very particular flavor  profiles for a variety of excellent customers who generally have a fine appreciation for good eating.

Stayia’s concept is founded on the idea of providing selection, quality and freshness, all at excellent value.
Every single bio organically certified by BioHellas product is free from any chemical herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides or any other forms of suicides.

Excellence at its best.