Mandarin jam 85%


An exquisite jam made with 85% fresh Greek apricots. Its natural fruity flavour is thanks to its high fresh fruit content. Each 100g of the final product, contains 85g fruit without any added aromas, colouring or preservatives. Enjoy it for breakfast or with your afternoon tea. You can also spread it lavishly over yoghurt or make mouthwatering tarts. Available in 3 more flavours: Plum, Bergamot and Fig.



Geodi’s award winning all-natural Jams & Marmalades are prepared with carefully selected freshly cut fruits, straight from the Greek countryside. They use only natural ingredients, prepared only with fresh fruit, sugar and fresh lemon juice. They do not contain any pectins, colours, artificial flavours, preservatives or additives. Enjoy the rich fruity flavor due to 85% fresh fruit content. They provide significant quantities of fruit nutrients – vitamins, minerals and dietary fibres. Find out for yourself why Geodi’s Jams and Marmelades are like no other!