Sour cherry spoon sweet


Greek Sweet Fruit Preserve in Syrup, Sour Cherry, Glass jar: A traditional and delightful Greek custom is the offering of sweet fruit preserves to guests as a symbol of hospitality. They are called sweet fruit preserves or spoon sweets because the usual serving size is a well-filled teaspoon.



These sweets are made with simple, natural ingredients that transform them into something entirely new, exciting, and delicious. It is impossible to provide a single recipe for all spoon sweets. The liquid and sugar measurements vary according to the type of fruit or vegetable used. They are not as dense as jam or jelly. The fruit should remain firm and sit in a nice pool of syrup thick enough to coat a spoon. The fruit in spoon sweets retains its original color, taste, and aroma. The Island of Chios has several spoon sweet specialties including Lemon Blossom Spoon Sweet, Orange and Sour Cherry, just like the one we are offering you now. Sour cherries is a cherry variety, called ”Oxychymos” which produces sour fruits, the sour cherries. They contain large amounts of vitamin C and antioxidant polyphenols. Considered to be a particularly energizing fruit, beneficial for asthma, anemia and arthritis. Also suitable for those with cardiovascular problems, and contains substances that improve memory, eyesight and concentration. Spoon sweets are healthy confections, visually pleasing, distinctive, and extremely versatile. Offering them to guests is a wonderful tradition and a sign of “sweet” hospitality