Pastries tray 10 pieces € 26,50

Per stuk: € 2,95
Bougatsa (with creme)
Spanakopita (with spinach and feta)
Loukanikopita (with sausage)
Koulouri (with feta)

Pitawraps tray 20 half wraps € 60,00
Per wrap:
Normal 6,20 / Large (double) 9,50
(wholewheat +0,3 / large +0,5)

Choose between  souvlaki (chicken), souzuki (minced meat), gyros, halloumi (grilled cheese), grilled vegetables. Fill the pitas with salad and sauce of your choosing. If you wish we can provide you with soft drinks or wine for your event.

The prices do not include VAT and transportation costs.