Deligriek was founded in 2014 with the vision of introducing the authentic
Greek products and flavours into The Netherlands and became the first
Greek delicatessen in Rotterdam.  

Our main goal was and still remains, to provide the best possible experience
to our customers of all the health benefits and incredible flavoursome tastes
that Greek cuisine has to offer. 

DeliGriek is a multi-tasking organisation. In our shop one can find an extended
selection of carefully chosen products and wines, as well as, an informed team
that can answer your questions or suggest the best buying option for you.

Our food is prepared daily fresh and can be consumed at our shop or can be taken
home to be shared (or not.!) with your friends and family. We offer a variety of choices,
 from a healthy lunch or breakfast up to an extended dinner and everything in between. 

Additionally, we provide catering possibilities for businesses or home gatherings.
You can find our prefixed catering options on our website or contact us via email
with your request and we will be delighted to cater for your event. 

Finally, DeliGriek is here
For those who want to experience the authentic taste of Greece.
For those who would like to recapture that amazing feeling of their vacation.
For those who want to feel a bit closer to home…