Balsamic Vinegar


The sweet must of red grapes, blended with Cretan herbs, is left to age in wooden barrels, giving unique aromas to the balsamic vinegar of Cretan Nectar.

It is ideal for fresh salads, grilled vegetables and red meat marinades.


They started in 2011 in Chania, Crete. They  focus on the production of products with natural raw materials, avoiding the use of additives, sugar and preservatives with mild processing so that their nutrients remain unchanged.

They love and respect their place and its traditions, nature and its fruits.  They trust the people, their experiences and passion and aim to produce quality, pure and delicious products.

Because for Cretan Nectar, taste is an experience, it is memories, it is dining… and their products reflect the way they would like to see our world, simply and naturally!