Loumidis Greek coffee


Greek coffee preparation has many variations. Some people boiling the coffee three times and stirring only once. Others boil once and stir,stir, stir. No matter how you take it, this coffee is usually sipped slowly and paired with lively conversation.



Beginning of the 20th century, three young brothers (Antony, Nikos and Jason) decide to leave their small hometown of Karistos in Evia island and move to the capital of Greece searching for a better future. Without any funds but with great courage and desire for work, they open a small operation in Piraeus with borrowed money from friends and relatives.  Little by little they increase the inventory of the store by adding whatever product their customers were requesting. Coffee was amongst the most popular items. The neighborhood rewarded the young entrepreneurs for their kindness and their honesty and business was growing and flourishing. Soon they started distributing their products – something innovating for those days – by using first a horse chariot then bicycles and trucks.

A second bigger coffee store in Piraeus, another one  in Athens, a fourth in Salonika and a distribution network  in all major Greek cities marked the remarkable expansion of the “Loumidis” family.

The brand name of their coffee “PAPAGALOS” became synonymous to coffee and the “Loumidis” name a guaranty of quality.