Whole-wheat mini rusk


Small whole-wheat barley rusks, tasty and crunchy, highly nutritious. Rich in fiber and low in fat , are a necessary complement for a proper Cretan diet. Enjoy them in a Cretan salad.



Minoan Gaia is a new brand in Crete, Greece which has as a vision the promotion of the Cretan cultural – gastronomic life proposal and the outspread of qualitative Cretan traditional products internationally.

The uniqueness of the products lies in the fact that are perfectly healthy, natural, authentic and are distinguished by their high quality.They are also featured by award-winning, innovative packaging for which source of inspiration and creativity is the Minoan cililization and more specifically the Great Goddess of the Minoans, Mother – Earth, from which follows the name of their products, MITERRA.

With a vision to spread the Minoan civilization and the Cretan culinary life proposal, the Minoan Gaia company connects tradition with the innovation & know-how. Using local quality ingredients creates products that promote the culture and gastronomy of Crete.