Pita with halloumi


Pita with halloumi (grilled cheese)! The vegetarian addition to our pita family.

It is really popular in Greece and for a good reason.

Its stuffed with grilled cheese, garnished with a cooling tzatziki sauce, tomato and lettuce wrapped in a delicious crispy pita and best of all? It tastes like heaven!

Normal 8.40 / XL 13.50




Halloumi is a Cypriot firm, brined, slightly springy white cheese, traditionally made from a mixture of goat and sheep milk, although these days cow’s milk is also used. Its texture is similar to that of mozzarella or thick feta, except that it has a strong, salty flavour imbibed from the brine preserve. Cooking the Halloumi removes all its saltiness and empowers it with a creamy texture.

Since the cheese has a high melting point, it can be easily fried or grilled. Its unusualness lies in the preparation of the cheese where no acid or acid-producing bacterium is required. It is an essential part of a Cyprus Meze and many a times it is offered as an accompaniment with cold beer. The cheese also tastes lovely when grilled, pan-fried or thinly sliced on a salad.