Tahini Cacao / Orange


Brown Tahini:
The absolute healthy choice for your daily diet. Put it into your diet and reward yourself with this valuable gift.

Cacao Tahini:
Macedonian Tahini with cocoa is a new enjoyable and healthy eating daily habit. A delicious and highly nutritional paste which will delight people of all ages.

Orange Tahini:
The combination of tahini and orange creates a pleasant and refreshing taste, while vitamin C and calcium increase its nutritional value, thus rendering it a necessary supplement of our daily diet, as well as a new, beloved dietary treat.


The HAITOGLOU BROS SA food industry was founded in 1924 in Thessaloniki , Greece , by a family of refugees bearing the same name. Initially, the company was a small family business in the center of the city.

Today, after over eighty years in existence, the company headquarters are located in the Kalohori area of Thessaloniki . The company’s facilities extend over 170,000 square meters , of which 67,000 thousand comprise covered structures, and it produces traditional Greek products, perfectly integrated in the Mediterranean Diet.