Trahanas glykos (sweet)


Trahanas is a fairly nutritious, low-calorie and low fat product. It is high in carbohydrates, fibres and protein among others. It is quite nutritious for children because the presence of milk in its preparation substantially increases the amount of calcium. Sweet trahana is made of whole milk, usually from goats.




The story of the VLACHA family began in 1965, when the two brothers Epameinondas Pan. Bekiaris and Ioannis Pan. Bekiaris, in the mood to share the pure recipes of their mother Olga Bekiari, created the brand AFOI P.BEKIARI OE, with the distinctive title “VLACHA”.

The pasta craft “VLACHA” started the production and sales of Greek traditional pasta, sheet and kadaifi. The main goal of “VLACHA” from the beginning until today is the handmade production of all products, thus ensuring a taste that has in it all the richness of the local tradition.