Vanilla Chiou


One typically Greek spoon sweet is the snow-white and intensely aromatic vanilla which is not made of vanilla, but of mastic resin, for which the island of Chios is famous. This is usually served as a spoonful of sweet on a table spoon dropped into a tall glass of ice-cold water and popularly called a “vanilla submarine”. It is a thick, white, sweet paste made industrially by beating mastic resin with table sugar. When cold, it has the consistency of hard caramel candy: it is meant to be licked like a lollipop as, at body temperature, it gradually becomes softer and more chewable.



Sarantis fruit preserves come from the island of Chios in Greece. Available in a wide variety of flavors. Enjoy these thick sweets as traditional spoon sweets (“glyka koutaliou”) with coffee or a cold glass of water; or dress our Home-Made Greek Yogurt, a piece of toast or a cheesecake with these delicious fruit topping.