Biblia Chora


A deep purple in colour, the wine matured for about 12 months in new oak barrels from France. It has pure and complex bouquet of ripe red fruit, caramel, cedar, chocolate and some spicy notes on the finish. A full and intense flavour with a full body, good structure and a high tannin content which provides a lasting aftertaste and good ageing potential.


A lively and vivid pomegranate colour. The rich aroma of ripe red fruit like morello cherries, bilberry and strawberry, with some notes of piquant spices are the characteristics produced by this unique variety as it grows on the slopes of Mt. Pangeon. A very well structured wine with a strong flavour; the presence of tannins is discreet and the wine has a characteristic acidity and an enduring aroma.

A gentle, yellow-green colour of remarkable clarity. The marriage of the cosmopolitan and fragrant Sauvignon with the Greek Assyrtiko produces a wine with a powerful aroma redolent of exotic fruit, peach and citrus. A rich, cool and beautifully balanced flavour, pleasant acidity and a lasting, fragrant aftertaste.




Domaine Biblia Chora is situated on the slopes of mount Pangeon at Kokkinochori, Kavala. In 1998, Vassilis Tsaktsarlis and Vangelis Gerovassiliou created a vineyard of biological cultivation which today extends to over 350 acres. Within this stretch of land is the modern winery in which the wines of the Domaine are produced.

The philosophy of the winemaking focuses on the production of high quality wine that is bind by the ecosystem of mount Pangeon and expresses the uniqueness of the natural surroundings. To achieve this goal, the cultivation and vinification take place under special catering, using not only the knowledge and experience but also by merging tradition with technology.