Orino Gold


An exceptional selective honey, from Wild Herbs, coniferous trees and Thyme, with tense aroma and golden colour.


Founded in 1996 Cretamel is located in the southern island of Greece, Crete. The members of Creta Mel are a family involved in producing honey. Carrying on a remarkable family tradition in the production of honey, the Company’s members wanted to engage in the production of traditional Cretan products as honey.

“Working systematically with dedication towards our goal, we realized that Crete is a blessed place, as we were able to collect honey from Cretan Nature with a very high quality.

Having thus acquired considerable experience in 1998 we decided to give it an identity and a brand name as well. Thus we created a model honey production unit, of high quality standards.”

Cretamel created in the year 2000 a new series of traditional Greek products such as the sesame-honey bars as well as nut bars and nougats.