Imiglykos Kleoni White – Lafkiotis Winery


Grape Variety: Vilana, Thrapsathiri.

Region: Corinthia, Peloponnesos

Oenology: Separate vinification of the two grape varieties at controlled temperatures of 15º-18ºC, with the addition of selected yeasts.

Personality: Vivid gold-green colour, aromas of citrus fruits and pleasant, well balanced medium-sweet taste.



In 1963, the Lafkiotis family, started making wine using some of the best Greek varieties found in Archaies Kleones of Nemea. Today, supported by the experience of many years of producing premium wines, the family continues the tradition by selecting high quality vineyards, makes wine in modern state-of-the art facilities and ages the wines in French, oak barrels in environmentally-controlled cellars.