Kritharaki thick Misko


Its shape resembles a grain of wheat and, although it is a bit thicker than medium orzo, it also gets wonderfully mushed when cooked and tastes great in youvetsi or ragout. It is equally delicious in more modern recipes such as orzo with shrimps, orzo with caramelized onions and Kefalotyri cheese, or even orzo with pumpkin cream and Feta cheese!



MISKO was founded in 1927 by the Michaelides and the Konstantinis family. Since the first pasta was produced in the families’ workshop in Piraeus, until today, MISKO has been producing delicious, nutritious pasta allowing all of us to offer the best to our family. The figure of the monk Akakios was featured in what came to be the most successful commercial for Greek pasta and was directly associated in everyone’s mind with the name and history of MISKO.