The naturally-flavoured mastiha water is a product of the distillation of pure mastiha, using steam.
It brings all the unique and beneficial properties of mastiha to delicious Mastiqua.

The combining of mastiha with water is said to have begun four millennia ago in ancient Egypt, where they used this simple but enchanting idea to purify drinking water and make it pleasant to drink.



Mastiha is bonded with Chios. A cosmopolitan Greek island once a Byzantine monopoly often threatened by pirates, it flourished under the Ionians and was fought over by the Genoese and Venetians. Ever since the time it was passed to the Ottomans, it has always been the work of the mastiha collectors of Chios to gather the precious tears of resin from the tree which appear after gently scratching the trunk.

The same traditional method of collection is still used today in every one of the 24 medieval villages of Chios, a legacy for future generations.