Sardines in olive oil


TRATA sardines are carefully selected from fresh catch.

They are meticulously cleaned, quality assured and canned.

They are steamed lightly, so as to stay tender and retain their nutrients.

The presence of Greek olive oil offers added value to the final flavor.




At TRATA, we were raised “in the sea” and our love for fish is what we call “family business”.

Decades ago, when canned fish was starting to become known, TRATA was the first and only Greek seafood brand able to win over the hearts of the public with its quality and taste, and found its place on the family table.

As the years went by, the success of our TRATA sardines and anchovies from the Aegean Sea was followed by a wide range of seafood with tuna, tuna salads, herring, octopus, musky octopus, and more…