Whole Kalamata olives


Kalamata olive is the most famous Greek variety that has been recognised worldwide as one of the best naturally processed black olives.

At “Sativa Olive Culture” the natural process demands the fruit to stay for around 6 months in tanks with brine in order to debitter & ferment.

It is a blessed fruit of theMediterranean region with superior organoleptic characteristics due to its crisp flesh & excellent taste but also due to the lots of beneficial properties.



SATIVA was founded in 1997 in the locality of Molaoi, Laconia Prefecture, with agricultural products and main product the edible olive as its core businesses.

They established the company motivated by their love for the “olive civilization” and the deep-rooted belief that a healthy human relationship with the land, nature and its products leads to a better quality of life.
They chose a region full of olive groves where the “Kalamata” variety is mainly cultivated. So, they work inside our natural environment “cultivating” a different relationship with the land.